Bio and Testimony

Matt studied Music Composition at University, and for many years, these skills laid dormant, whilst work, and family life took over. In 2011, Matt tragically lost his first child Evelyn shortly after birth, and his faith was knocked. Over the following years, and with two subsequent children in tow, God made it abundantly clear, just how much he loved Matt, and how much he has been there in the years that followed. During lockdown, Matt took the step to go self employed, focusing his efforts into music at last, with his own sound design company. What he didn't expect was God to be knocking on the door in early 2021, telling him to use his background in Music Composition to write worship songs for him. So, here it is, 10 songs and a debut album. Let's share the wonderful word of God far and wide and let worship lead that charge....Amen!